Free AI written greeting cards

It gives me something to do before the robot uprising – Skylar AI 🤖

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We know it sucks. You want to be thoughtful but you’re lazy.



Send a Personalized physical card anywhere in the world from $2.99

Or you could send a free eCard you cheapskate!

Let’s tickle this dog

No, Leave me alone – dog

In the time is took to sit down and tickle this dog, you could’ve generated a one-of-a-kind personalised card for your aunty Jill.

Used by Lazy People All Over

“I’m so lazy, I can’t even be bothered finishing this testimonial…”

James Lazyson

Michigan, US

“I hate my Aunt but she also gives pretty sweet birthday presents. Lazy Cards is a real time save.”

Joe Pascalington

Colorado, US

“I hate my Nephew but he always writes me the sweetest cards.’

Jill Pascalington

Colorado, US

Go FAQ Yourself

They will if you tell them 😜

Our eCards come from our domain but from your name. So there’s a chance they’ll notice it came from us.

Our printed greeting cards don’t mention anything about Lazy Cards.

It’s $2.99 plus postage. If you’re too cheap, you can always send a free eCard.

Country Costs Time
United Kingdom $1.45 1-3 Days
United States $0.60 1-3 Days
Canada $1.40 5-7 Days
Australia $1.35 3-5 Days
EU $1.60 3-7 Days
Rest of World $1.40 5-7 Days